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Started from the Bottom

Born and raised in the inner-city projects of New York City's Spanish Harlem, we were no strangers to struggle, but I was blessed to never feel limited by my environment.  My mother instilled in me that I could be anything and do anything I wanted to do, and I believed her.  So even though there was poverty all around me, I never felt like that was my future...I always knew that there was more out there for me and I dreamed of how I could impact the world in a meaningful way.

Took the Big Leap and Fired My 9-5

Over 15 years ago, I began my full-time entrepreneurship journey when I left my corporate HR job to go full time in my business.  I always knew the 'regular job' wasn't for me but it was the lack of qualify/affordable child care for my daughter that really put the fire under me to make my dreams of entrepreneurship a full time reality.  It's amazing what you can do when your back is against the wall. I tried many things along the way and failed A LOT!  One business led to another, and I hit big when I started a specialized staffing agency landing celebrities as hiring clients.  In the process, I saw the serious need for professional development training for my candidates. 

Turned My Expertise into Scalable Income

I began training and coaching more and more groups of job-seekers and helping them land quality high-paying jobs.  As a result, more people wanted training but I was already spread way too thin and working weekends to keep my business thriving.  I came up with the crazy idea to put everything I knew on the subject into an online course.  That was a game-changer!

I Stopped Trading Time for Money

My idea was that if I get it all down online, I could have freedom of time, location and an unlimited number of clients that I could help, nationwide!  While it was all trial-and-error in the beginning, it was one of the best business decisions I have ever made.  With thousands of clients and successful program graduates, I'm able to live a life I love and help others do the same.  Now I am dreaming bigger dreams and impact is a big part of it. It is my goal to help more people who have been in my position as a solo entrepreneur, to gain clarity in the proven, legitimate and sustainable strategies to grow a six-figure business and beyond.

I'm an Advocate for Generational Wealth Building and Love Helping Entrepreneurs Realize Their Potential!

Financial Freedom, Time Free, Location Freedom is all possible for you if you simply decide to take action.

See you in class! =)

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